Before creating this blog, I’ve been posting photos of the food I make and the craft projects I come up with on social media. Some friends suggested that I create a blog to document my works. I thought that this was a good idea, as I will  be able to help people who are interested in making these things themselves.  In addition to this, in an effort to learn a bit of front end web development and PHP, I decided to make this website from scratch with the help of Learn Web Code on YouTube, along with various materials online.

The name, ‘My Pastel Cafe’  was chosen as it sets a calm atmosphere, which reflects my personality. ‘Pastel’ also has multiple meanings such as the art medium, soft colours, and cake (in Spanish), making it a  perfect name for my blog.

I am most definitely not an expert. My tutorials may not be perfect, and I really appreciate questions, critiques and suggestions. This only helps me learn more from different perspectives, allowing me to improve!

About Me

Hello world! I'm Kai. I'm fascinated with how and why things are made. In this blog, I share my attempts to make these ideas come to life. Feel free to comment and give me suggestions! Read more»

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