DIY Ram Keychain


It’s time for another DIY project! If you like rams, sheep or if you need a new keychain, this tutorial is for you. I’ve attached a pattern that you can print out below.

The scalloped edges of the pattern are a bit hard to cut out. I strongly suggest using small, sharp embroidery scissors. I have a cheap one that I got at Daiso, and it does the trick. I also used tape to attach the pieces onto the felt before cutting. You can use sewing pins too, but I found that they were too bulky.

You can get creative with the colour of felt. I chose purple for the wool of the ram. Let me know in the comments section what colour you would use!


  • pattern (download)
  • felt fabric in the colour of your choice
  • 1 split key ring or swivel lobster clasp
  • lace trim of your choice to attach the key ring (alternatively, you can use felt)
  • scissors (preferably small ones or embroidery scissors)
  • fabric glue
  • pen for marking
  • thread
  • sewing pins
  • needle
  • polyester fibre filling
  • 2 small beads for eyes (optional)


Step 1. Cut out the pattern. You can also start drawing additional decorations, such as the star I made in the photo above:


Step 2. Glue or sew pieces B, C and D on one piece H. You can follow the template guide for the exact spot. I used whip stitch for sewing the parts. You can also use back stitch. Then, draw a face for sewing later on:


Step 3. Sew the beads for the eyes or use french knots like I did. Then, embroider the outline of the nose and mouth:


Step 4. Glue or sew pieces E with F (front legs) and G (hind legs). Again, use whip stitch or back stitch if sewing:


Step 5. Glue the lace trim or your material of choice on the front piece H with another piece H as shown below. Remember to slip in the split key ring or lobster clasp first:


Step 6. Use a blanket stitch to sew the front and back piece H. When you come across the ears and the lace, switch to back stitch. Remember to leave a hole to fill with stuffing:


Step 7. Continue sewing with blanket stitch to close the hole.

Step 8.  Use blanket stitch to attach two left pieces of  A together. Use the same method for the two right pieces of A.

Step 9. Attach the horns (piece A) using stitches or glue as shown below:


You’re done!

4 responses to “DIY Ram Keychain”

  1. Hafsa says:

    So cute! I can’t wait to make this, hopefully I can find felt in the colour you used becauses its really nice :)

  2. Terri says:

    Such a cute project, thanks for sharing : )

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